SMC 2" Single Prusik Minding PMP Pulley

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  • Manufacturer SMC


SMC's pulleys have been regarded as the benchmark in the rescue industry for over 30 years. Prusik Minding Pulleys are especially versatile and may be used in many ways, from progress capture and hauling systems to crevasse rescue, high lines and Tyrolean traverses. With their compact size in combination with a larger than usual diameter sheave it makes even static rescue ropes easy to manage. The solid side plates help prevent foreign object access and reduce snagging and are precisely tensioned for easy one handed operation and secure placement at any point along the rope. Sealed ball bearing provides optimal efficiency and reduces the performance robbing resistance that is inherent in most multiple component systems. Side plates and sheave made of aluminum.

Type: 2" Single Prusik Minding Pulley
Color: Green/Black
Sheave: 2" x .5"
Dimensions: 1.89" x 3.97" x 1.37"
Weight: 6.3 oz.
Strength: 9,670 lbf. (43 kN)


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